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We are here to support your endeavours when it comes to services we pride ourselves through the provision of a range of information and technology-based approach.

Here you will find our key Services in Satellite Communications Syetems, Radar Technology & signal processing and environmental issues.

  • Applied Spatial Information Systems
  • Environment Monitoring & Management
  • Applied Research
  • Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Satellite Communications
  • System feasibility studies
  • Operational Analysis
  • Specification and tender analysis
  • Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Customer specified system development
  • Research Project
  • Radar System feasibility studies
  • Radio propagation modeling
  • Tracking Systems
  • Training
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Customer specified system development

Environmental Services

Jolade has demonstrable capacity to rise to the environmental services challenges. The flourising of concern for the impact of human activity on the natural environment demands effective policies and programs designed to arrest environment degradation and maintain a balance between development and environment interests. We welcome the opportunity to provide solutions to your environment needs. Jolade's staff are experienced and current with latest developments in environment sciences.

Satellite Communications & Systems

Jolade has the infrastructure support to address areas bearing on the determination of performance and functional requirements for the system.

The company provides engineering and research services for wide array of specialties in satellite communication systems engineering, and the director has written a series of books on satellite communication systems which is being adopted by most universities in USA. Within this field, Jolade can assemble highly trained and experienced staff whose expertise are balance in operational, technical and scientific fields.

Radar Technology & Signal Processing

Don't limit your horizon! A strong focus on research and development and innovation is what keeps Jolade in a limelight. We specialize in the design, development, and performance evaluation of radar communication systems.

The research work of the signal processing group (SPG) concentrates on audio, video and image processing, compression and analysis, and tracking. The SPG members contribute activetly to standardization processes, and hold numerous patents in the areas of image compression, pattern recognition, image enhancement and signal processing. This work has attracted funding from the Government agencies and Industry: it has also produced an internationally recognized textbook on Radar Systems by our Principal Consultant. Jolade's continuing success relies on its ability to create small, highly efficient project teams, each having the required blend of research, operational and technical skills and experience. We work in close cooperation with our customers and end users ensuring common understanding of the tasks' objectives, building mutual trust and maintaining effective communication.