Books written by our director.

These are some of the books written by the Director of Jolade, Dr. M. O. Kolawole. They have been adapted for teaching internationally including some Universities in the USA and Nigeria. Browse through their contents and seek to grap a copy for your library.

Satellite Engineering

Highlighting satellite and earth station design, link and communication systems, error detection and correction, and regulations and procedures for system modeling, integrations, testing and evaluation. Satellite Communication Engineering provides a simple and concise overview of the fundamental principles common to information communications. It discusses block and feedback ciphering; covers orbital errors; evaluates multi-beam satellite networks; illustrates bus, electrical, and mechanical systems design; analyzes system reliability and availability; elucidates reflector/lens, phased array, and helical antenna system; explores channel filters and multiplexers; and more. Published by Marcel Dekker, 2002.

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Radar Systems

To be well and fully up-to-date with Radar system, this book provides wider subject coverage than many other radar books. The inclusion of a chapter on Skywave Radar, and full consideration of HF/OTH issues makes this book especially relevant for communications engineers and the defence sector. Defence (surveillance), R&D, communications engineers; advanced students (undergraduate / graduate) studying radar technology and tracking technques. Published by Elsevier Science 2003.

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Telecommunication Engineering

A Course in Telecommunication Engineering is a book written to provide basic information to telecommunication engineering students and practitioners, as well as to applied scientists who would want to know the principles governing the daily operational tools that they take for granted, and importantly to gain more knowledge. A must have telecommunication engineering book that highlights telecommunication principles, network planning and design, grade and quality of service standards, routing structure and schemes, applicable signalling protocols, switching matrix and architecture and security, communications network, mobile and wireless networks, fundamental traffic analysis, and nanotechnology. Published by S. Chand 2010.

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Satellite Engineering 2nd Ed

Satellite Communication Engineering, 2nd Edition, is an undeniably rich guide to satellite communication engineering with inclusion of recent developments enabling digital information transmission and delivery via satellite. Published by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press 2013.

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Basic Electrical Engineering

This Book Is written for Use as a Textbook for the Engineering Students Of all disciplines at the first year Level of the B.Tech. Programme. The text material could also be useful for Electrical Engineering Students at other levels.

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Educational Materials

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